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Cavi-Lipo Deluxe (DEX)

Cavi-Lipo Deluxe (DEX)

Cavi-Lipo DEX is our latest new model which is combination of pulsating
ultrasonic applicator (ultrasonic hand-piece), vacuum suction (Suction hand-piece)
with controllable rollers, mid-low frequency and stylish LED light.

The product is very effective and smart treatment method to dissolve cellulite, as
well as disassemble fat and cellulites immediately with its unique Endomology
technology along with electro stimulation by convenient & easy hand-pieces.
The device is aim to painless massaging and also light treatment at the same time.
This technology is based on safe cavitation generator according to professional
medical researches.

The product achieves users’ demand that showing a perfect cavitation result
throughout reducing cellulite and burning localized fat deposits.

Users can increase self-confidence and enjoy their healthy life with
Cavi-Lipo DEX.

For Face
Suction MassageSuction Massage
For Body
Suction Massage, Electric Therapy, Light TreatmentSuction Massage
Electric Therapy
Light Treatment


Suction Massage
Stimulate Lymphatic body system
Suction Massage Effects
Help blood circulation
Metabolize quickly
LED Lighting
Support formation of collagen
Help blood circulation
Maximize synergy effect along with painless suction massage
Ultrasonic Hand-piece
Noiseless Ultrasound hand-piece
A patented pain-free Silicon bump surface
Low-Medium Frequency
Electro-massage Effects
Improve microcirculation
Maximize the synergy effect along with suction massage


Product Name Skinrex Cavi-Lipo Deluxe
Measurement 510(W) x 400(D) x 1250(H) (mm)
Weight Total 54 Kg
Device 49 Kg, Hand-pieces 5 Kg
Rated Voltage Free Voltage
Manufactured 220W 110V-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Max. 230W
Vacuum Pressure 250mmHg (+/-20)
LCD Screen 7 inch, 800 x 480 Pixel,
Touch Panel Control
  Stylish Design LED Light Producing in high grade sensation