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Cavi-Lipo GT

Cavi-Lipo GT

A compact model of Cavi-Lipo series
Ultrasonic cavitation hand-piece
Refined LED lighting
Cavi-Lipo GT is a specialized portable electro beauty device and integrates an
unique ultrasound technology is motivated from Cavi-Lipo which is the best-selling
of Skinrex.
The product is also displays Yellow and Red color to improve blood circulation and
promote to eliminate waste matter from the body. This procedure works out with
Zerobody EMS; Electro Medium Stimulation treatment of adipose areas fat and

Using Cavi-Lipo GT is a very comfortable method to dissolve fat & cellulite and
improve your health and contour your body line easily. This device is aim to
painless massaging and its technology is based on safe cavitation method
according to professional medical researches.


Product Name Skinrex Cavi-Lipo GT
Dimension 328(W) x 378(D) x 272(H) (mm)
Weight Net 10 Kg / Gross 12 Kg
Rated Voltage Free Voltage
AC 90-250V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 60W
Others LCD Monitor
LED Lightning

No side effect, Cavi-Lipo GT, No pain, No Surgery, No injection, bleeding

  • GT’s Key points
  • Body reshaping
  • Dissolve localized fat and cellulite
  • Simple to use