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Q & A

Can I exercise after cavitation treatment ?
Yes, we commend patient do exercise after treatment, because cavitation needs fast blood circulation for removing resolved fat cells from the body.
What should I do after treatment ?
As a guide line recommends, drink lots of water except soft drink because it could avoid blood circulation and avoid to drink alcohol.
I had a surgery long time ago. Can I have cavitation treatment ?
Yes, you can. However, if you had a surgery which had metal material inside your body such as implant or etc. Please have a medical consultation your doctor before you have cavitation treatment because Ultrasound has electronic specification, it could get through much more metal material.
How many session should I take for ?
It depends on your body condition. In generally, the patients could divided by two groups which are having soft skin and hard type. For soft skin, they could get have faster result rather than hard type skin. However, we usually recommend 1-2 times a week. For more accurate schedule, please discuss with professional beauticians or salon therapists.
I cannnot hear how it works! I could hear some sounds when I was having another Ultrasonic cavitation. How can I hear the cavitation works ?
Some users ask us why Skinrex product does not make any sound when the machine is on. Our products covers by silicon pads on hand-piece surface, therefore, patients feel free to having treatment without ultrasonic sound. This is the only technology of Skinrex and all other manufactures.
I still don’t understand how it works. What is skinrex cavitation ?
Our technology helps fat reduce and cellulite by ultrasonic cavitation.
Who can have Cavi Lipo :
Both healthy adult men and women can have this done. If you are Pregnant/Nursing, have heart, liver or Kidney disease, have any kind of heart pacer, stimulator, or metal plate implanted in your body in the treatment area you must consult you MD prior to Cavi Lipo. Untreated hormone imbalances, vitamin deficancy, and other health conditions that would impair the body from effectivley processing fat can alter the results of your Cavi Lipo session. Cavi is safe and doesn't harm surrounding tissues.
How long does it last :
As long as you make it last! Cavi Lipo cannot stop your body’s natural ongoing process of aging or cannot make you live a healthy life style. There are many things that can be done to prevent weight gain and keep youthful looking skin. With healthy eating habits and exercise you can have long term results.
Is this the same as other so called “Fat Liquefying Treatments” :
(Some examples: Venus Freeze, Velashape, Body Wraps or Vacuum Massage). - NO. These treatments do not use the advanced technology of ultrasound to destroy the targeted fat cells.
How is liquefied fat excreted after Cavi Lipo :
After the ultrasound burst the fat cells the liquid fat will be filtered by the natural process of the lymphatic system and be processed through your liver. A normal healthy body can safely and naturally process 2-3 lbs of fat every week.
Why must I exercise :
Exercise is necessary for your body to remove this liquid fat, exercise is a powerful boost to your lymphatic system, metabolism and helps clear your liver. Having a congested lymphatic system will slow your bodys natural process of metabolism and detoxification.
What areas can be treated with Cavi-Lipo ?
Stubborn fatty areas of the hips, thighs, stomach, love handles, back, arms, legs, face and neck can be reduced or even eliminated with Cavi-Lipo. The skin will also be tightened and cellulite will be reduced. Only one treatment area can be targeted per visit. Treatment areas are determined upon consultation.
What is a typical session like ?
You will consult with one of our trained professionals about the area or areas you want treated. They will go over options and discuss a treatment plan with you. Everyone is different there is no set number of treatments for just one person. Treatment time is dependent on your skin type, genetic makeup, individual goals, and how your body responds to treatment. Measurements and pictures will be taken upon each visit to track your progress. Removal of clothing is usually unnecessary unless doing areas that will be blocked by clothing. We have a relaxing atmosphere with complete privacy. Your trained professional will walk you through the process as you are being treated. Baby oil will be used to accompany the machine to ensure maximum conductivity is generated. This will be applied as needed. Certain areas may be wrapped following the procedure to aid in lymphatic drainage. To ensure MAXIMUM results, we use a total body vibration machine and an infrared sauna. We recommend that you bring a change of clothes and a towel with you to your appointments.
Your treatment routine is as follows :
5 minutes on the whole body vibration machine
30-40 minutes with the Cavi-Lipo
30 minutes in the infrared sauna
10 minutes on the whole body vibration machine
What are the client responsibilities for pre and post treatment ?
We do recommend a healthy lifestyle to achieve best results, however it is not required. Some people are not able to exercise due to preexisting conditions, but we can discuss further options upon consultation. Ultimately, exercise and eating a healthy diet will help increase lymphatic drainage. It is recommended to get some exercise/physical activity the day of treatment and a few days following treatment. Even just a brisk walk can make a big difference! It also recommended to reduce your carbohydrate intake the day of and a few days after treatment as it will make the lymphatic drainage process easier on your body. The MOST important thing you can do before and after your treatment is drink plenty of water! This is required! You need to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces per day for 7 days after your treatment. The Cavi-Lipo machine melts the fat which needs flushed out of your system through lymphatic drainage. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that it is removed in a timely manner and will maximize results. Just REMEMBER that your treatment will continue to work for days or even weeks after, so drinking plenty of water, getting exercise/physical activity, and eating a healthy diet will only increase your results!
Will this treatment do anything else besides lose fat ?
Yes. There are additional benefits that you will experience ultrasound cavitation. It will aid with the renewal of your skin. Ultrasound cavitation brings the collagen up to the surface of your skin and makes it smoother. Some of our clients have had success with “stretch marks” making them dramatically less noticeable. Your skin will be tighter and smoother. This is an add on benefit that goes with your treatment. Traditional liposuction will “suck” the fat out but will leave you with loose hanging skin. With our treatment, we will get rid of the fat, tighten the skin, and make it smoother all in one step!
Does this actually get rid of stomach fat ?
Fat cells are destroyed as part of the process.
Does one session count for 1 thigh (saddlebags) or is that 2 sessions ?
Both sides would be addressed during each session.
How many sessions does it typically take on an area? If I buy the 4 session package can it be used on multiple areas ?
The four session pack can be used for multiple areas but it's not advised for best results. The number of treatments suggested varies depending on initial fitness level, dietary/exercise habits, and desired goals. That said, clients generally notice changes in the first few sessions.
I have a new tattoo on my side. Can I still have the Cavi-Lipo procedure done ?
Yes, you can, tattoos are not contraindicated.
Does it work on the back near the bra line? or under the arm on the sides ?
Yes, back near the bra line can be also treated except exact breast area.